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Blake Baxter

Iteration no. 34
Iteration no. 34
Sand and Acrylic on Canvas
Iteration no. 33
Iteration no. 33
Sand and Acrylic on Canvas
Iteration no.32
Iteration no.32
Sand and Acrylic on Canvas

“My pieces are constructed with minimal materials. I follow repeatable processes of sequenced steps that yield variation despite my efforts to minimize the same. The result is a loosely structured communication, which, when met by perception, seeks to establish form. One might see a single piece recreated over and over, or individual pieces grouped by common values, or wholly unique objects defined by their relative distances from each other in time and space. As such, these are exercises in the interpretative power of consciousness, providing viewers a pathway towards separation from the mundane through a mediated process of observation.”

Blake Baxter is best known for reductive monochromatic paintings incorporating aggregates such as sand and cement. His work is optical– focusing on light and space as a way to affect the gaze of the viewer. Often working with black acrylic washes and many dense layers of sand, he creates a reflection and movement that changes under different lighting conditions. This quality makes this work ever changing with direct viewing imperative. Even though the medium is static and minimalist, the darkest areas still glimmer.

Blake Baxter

BA, Fine Art, 1989, University
of California, Santa Cruz
born in Los Angeles, CA
lives in Joshua Tree, CA

2019 “Points in Time”, Eleven Twenty Projects, Buffalo, NY
2018 ” New Works”, Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
2018 “Enumeration”, Melissa Morgan Fine Art Small Works, Palm Springs, CA
2018 Blake Baxter at D’Amour Concept, Palm Springs, CA
2018 “Form and Void”, JTAG, Joshua Tree, CA
2013 “Vanishing Point”, Taverner & Fricke, Los Angeles, CA
2011 “Crazy Horse”, Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2019 “All Summer All Stars”, Asher Grey Gallery, Venice, CA, Curated by Frederick Fulmer
2019 “30 x 30: 30 Years of Public Art in Palm Springs”, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA, Juried exhibition by The Palm Springs Public Arts Commission
2019 “The O.G.Show”, JTAG, Joshua Tree, CA, Curated by Frederick Fulmer
2019 “ARTrageous Redux”, Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, CA, Curated by Marilyn Loesberg, Katherine Hough, Mara Gladstone and Brooke Hodge
2019 “Absolutely Abstract”, Yucca Valley Arts Center, Yucca Valley, CA, Curated by Michael McCall
2019 “Mojave Made”, The Hangar Galleries, Santa Monica, CA, Curated by Barbara Spiller
2018 “Layering Reality”, BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, CA, Curated by Bernard Leibov
2017 Collective Show, Gallery 62, Joshua Tree, CA
2017 Summer Artists Review, JTAG, Joshua Tree, CA
2017 “Eyes of March”, JTAG, Joshua Tree, CA, Curated by Frederick Fulmer
2012 “The Patter of Tiny Brains”, 323 Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Fall Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2010 “INSIGHT”, Triomph, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Summer Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Spring Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Summer Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Spring Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

Palm Springs Art Museum


"Aggregate" - Blake Baxter
PSAM Studio Talk 2021